Military moves: Keeping kids connected helps preserve friendships

Military Kids Say Goodbye

The first week in April was a special week for us. Two sets of hometown friends and their children came to stay with us for spring break. I love that our military kids tend to make friends quickly – they always accept newcomers easily and it’s game on as usual. For me, friendships have been the […]

10 fun fall activities for the family


1. Fun with apples Check and see if there is a local apple farm in your area. Don’t let the little ones stop you from going; most farms have pre-picked apples that you can purchase and you can still enjoy a scenic walk through the orchards. After you’ve arrived home, plan a fun-filled event with […]

7 tips for transitioning your kids back to school


It’s that time of year again – time to get the kids ready for school. Maybe you just PCS’d or you’ve been living at your duty station a while, but kids always start the year with new teachers and a new routine. Here are a few tips to help them in their transition process. Visit […]

How I Ditched the Christmas Cards and Adopted a Family Instead


Christmas has come and gone and I still feel a twinge of guilt when I look at the Christmas cards we’ve received from friends.You see, I haven’t participated in this annual tradition for the last couple of years. I guess it all started because I was being cheap.Initially I began looking at our network of […]

Back to school: 4 free educational tools for military families


School is in full swing for most of us with kids, and that means homework. If you’ve been out of school for a while, you know sometimes that means we need to learn or relearn right alongside our kiddos. Unfortunately, sometimes the assignments given may as well be written in another language. Every parent has their […]

A little perspective on the hard days of being a parent


Do you ever look at your kids and think, Wow, they’re just like me? Usually when I’m thinking that, it’s when I see my “not so great” qualities reflected, like needing to be in control and be right. Of course, it doesn’t help that school has been out for a couple months, or that we’ve spent […]

4 fun and easy summer ideas to keep kids entertained


Ready or not, summer is here. Chances are pretty good that your kids are itching to get involved in something – anything – other than being around their siblings. You may be left wondering where to discover activities to get your kids involved. Let’s face it, there’s a myriad of events ranging in price from […]

Marine Corps Celebrates Month of the Military Child


Service members put their lives on the line and face adversity whether forward deployed, supporting or preparing for war. In most veterans’ minds, the real heroes are their children who didn’t choose this life, but follow along and serve quietly on the homefront. April is the Month of the Military Child. It’s a small gesture to […]

What it’s like for a Mom to drive without kids in her car

I rarely find myself driving alone – so when I am, I still can’t stop what comes naturally to me. This is usually what I’m hearing… I’m not used to leaving the car without taking the children with me…. But after a while I enjoy the bliss of serenity, but even after a while, still […]

How My Son Dialed 911 from Skype and the Police Came


Someone is knocking at my door at 8am and they won’t go away. Why, oh why? I’m pregnant, my husband is in Afghanistan and my four year old is happily playing Curious George on in the next room. I don’t want to get out of bed if it is the FedEx guy. Then my […]

A Holiday Guide When Shopping for Young Kids: What Not To Do


It’s that time of year — the holidays are quickly approaching and many of you are already salivating at all the Black Friday deals that will be coming up this year. I put together a collection of gifts, in the typical Pathetic Picture Style, that we have received from one of my relatives… okay it’s […]