Military moves: Keeping kids connected helps preserve friendships

Military Kids Say Goodbye

The first week in April was a special week for us. Two sets of hometown friends and their children came to stay with us for spring break. I love that our military kids tend to make friends quickly – they always accept newcomers easily and it’s game on as usual. For me, friendships have been the […]

8 ways to dig into your new duty station


You’ve moved and there’s so much to do. Most likely at the top of your list is unpacking and organizing the house, stocking the pantry and refrigerator, filing moving claims, and if you have kids, getting them registered for school and activities. It can seem overwhelming to say the least, but here are a few tips […]

How to safely road trip your next move


It’s time to move to your new duty station and you’re planning out your route. Maybe you’re looking to get there as fast as possible. Or perhaps you’re looking to take in the sights as you go. No matter your intention or destination, there are a few things that you should do before you leave. […]

21 tips for avoiding rental scams during your next PCS


The military has given you orders to relocate to a new duty station. Your first family mission? Find a new home. The enemy? Online scammers. The first place that most of us look for a new home is on the Internet. Unfortunately, that’s where scammers lurk. One of the latest schemes circling the market involves scammers […]

6 ways to connect after your military move


Sometimes it’s difficult starting over. There are so many firsts again: new dentist, doctors, hairdressers and barbers, dry cleaners, and everything else that comes along with a new move. Finding friends can be even trickier, but if you follow these tips and tricks, you just may find adjusting a whole lot easier. 1. Facebook Pages: […]

Preparing for a PCS: Top tips to a successful move


It’s moving season and many of you have orders to PCS (permanent change of duty station).  I’m on the eve of my sixth duty station and I’ll be turning in my 30 days’ notice tomorrow.  That’s right, even though I live in base housing; I still have let them know that I’m going to be […]

Military Moves: It’s never goodbye, it’s see you later


Living on base has provided one of the most invaluable things in my life: a collection of friends. Throughout my Marine Corps journey, I’ve been lucky enough to find precious gems at every duty station. I will cherish these friendships the rest of my life and will continue feeding them through a journey of communication, […]

Military PCS: This is why we can’t have anything nice


I remember my life before I had kids. My husband and I were newlyweds, setting off to begin a new and exciting life together. We carted our beautiful new furniture across the US to our first duty station searching for the best place that money could afford… at our BAH rate. We had a problem though, […]