Family day trip to Catalina Island from Camp Pendleton


We were ready to kick back for the weekend, visit somewhere locally, and reconnect with some quality time together. Perhaps your family is like ours where our active duty military member has been continually deployed, and when he’s not deployed, he’s working extremely long days. Most of us stationed in Southern California know that Catalina is an island, […]

How to safely road trip your next move


It’s time to move to your new duty station and you’re planning out your route. Maybe you’re looking to get there as fast as possible. Or perhaps you’re looking to take in the sights as you go. No matter your intention or destination, there are a few things that you should do before you leave. […]

Got the Winter Blues? Maybe You Should Cruise!


You’re a military family, so many of your vacations come in the form of holiday leave blocks or for pre or post deployment leave. I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t consider ‘going home’ a vacation; it usually winds up being a series of appointments which oftentimes results in family member or friends […]

6 Tips for Flying During Winter


Normally, I’m traveling with kids… which means that I have to bring a lot of stuff with me.  For me that means one big suitcase with all of their clothes and gear, and another large suitcase with all my gear and anything leftover from theirs. For years, I’ve just gotten into the habit of checking […]

My Weekend in Las Vegas and Review of The Palms


As soon as the words Vegas left my lips, a speaking engagement got extended to a last minute girl’s weekend with some hometown friends.  I knew The Palms Hotel and Casino offered great nightlife after some post-USMC ball experiences and decided to check out the newly renovated rooms, which were voted “best in the US” by Hospy.  We literally […]

My First Adventure on a Military Flight: How to Fly Space A


I had butterflies in my belly, not from the excitement of a loved one, but rather from nervousness if my whole scheme would work out. I had heard about the conundrum known as Space A, but knew that it was a gamble if everything would actually work out. I brought my hare-brained scheme to my […]

Military Families: Going Home for the Holidays is Hectic


I’ve been reflecting on our yearly holiday journey. It’s always an adventure getting ready for the Holiday drive home. If you’re lucky enough to live close to see your family on a regular basis, then count yourself lucky. Sometimes the journey to see our family can be filled with lots of potholes. Twice every year, we load up […]

Having a Preschooler Taught Me to Pick My Battles


I used to look at these cute little girls with wild and crazy hair, wondering why their mothers never combed it more or put cute little barrettes in. This thought crossed my mind today as I was watching my two year old sitting on the potty, trying to get her to go like a big girl. […]