The first week in April was a special week for us. Two sets of hometown friends and their children came to stay with us for spring break. I love that our military kids tend to make friends quickly – they always accept newcomers easily and it’s game on as usual.

For me, friendships have been the best part of our military journey. I’ve met some of the most amazing people and am honored to have so many friends spanning the globe. When I think about my hometown friends, I miss them terribly, but I know that there is always “someday.” One day, in the next few years, we’ll all be together again, telling stories of when and where we once were.

My oldest child is 8 and he’s beginning to form deeper connections. Is there a way for our younger children to stay connected with one another that is still age appropriate? I say yes! We really like Skyping with other young friends. 

I’m not ready for my son having access to Facebook, so this is an easy way to allow them some face-to-face time where I can easily monitor the conversation. Of course after a while, I just walk away because the goofiness and silly jokes can provide to be a bit too much after 10 minutes or so.

I also tend to be friends with my kid’s friends moms, so when I see new pictures or status updates come across my feed, I let my kids know what is going on to keep them interested and connected with their buddies.

Moving can be difficult for young ones, but finding simple tools like Facetime, Skype, or even monitored instant chat is a great way to keep them connected.

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