We were starving, so we set off to discover the food in the hotel. We first stumbled on a food court perfect for those wanting to grab a quick bite or those with kids. They offered McDonalds, Earl of Sandwich, The Coffee Bean, Nathan’s Famous, Panda Express, Famous Famiglia Pizzeria, and Bliss Frozen Yogurt. Next to the food court was a state of the art movie theater! While we didn’t indulge in movies, this would be a great place to have a family vacation or nurse a hangover.

We decided to try the 24 Seven Café. We stood waiting at the hostess stand for almost five minutes before we were seated. It was 1:30pm on Friday, they weren’t busy, and it was annoying to wait so long, especially when we were hungry. More waiting, seven minutes in and someone finally checked on us to take our drink orders. At least we got our starter salads five minutes after ordered and overall waited fifteen minutes for our food.  We were grateful the food was good: the entrée salad was huge, and the sandwiches and sides ordered were tasty. However, the service was horrendous and we never received a water refill until we were ready to leave, almost forty minutes into our dining experience. This didn’t set the tone well, but were bound and determined to have a great time together.

24 Seven Cafe, photo from The Palms

We headed out to do some shopping at the outlet malls (nothing special) and finally to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace where there’s always great people watching, ambiance, and great shops. Finally returning from the strip with an approximate $17 cab ride, we headed out for the night to attend our show. A few drinks and a few hours later, we were ready to go dancing. We were thrilled that Moon was located in the hotel and we could easily walk back to our rooms when we had our fill.  We got to the club at 1am and it was hopping! Great nightlife and music awaited us and danced the night away til 4am. You know what it’s like… What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Let’s just say the next morning we weren’t feeling our best. We ordered room service and it arrived quickly… that being said, we weren’t in any shape to really review the food so we’ll just skip that for now. We were hungover, our bodies were tired and all we wanted to do was essentially nothing. So we checked out Yelp to a good mani/pedi place and discovered by accident Master Spa Shampoo and Massage in Chinatown. We were skeptical, but we didn’t care because it fit our budget and it was a $5 cab ride. I stopped at the coffee shop and got a great latte and headed out the door. We ended up spending six hours there with a lunch break at the Japanese restaurant next door; it was the best place to recover.

Fantastic Lattes and Gelato

A quick trip back to the hotel and we were ready for some fine dining. Again, we had no reservations but happened to run into the VIP entertainment manager outside of the concierge’s desk. He suggested Alize, their Michelin rated restaurant with a fantastic view of the city. He personally walked us over to the hostess and made sure we could get seated. We were immediately greeted and welcomed to our table, where we were presented with an iPad containing their extensive wine list, dining options and more.

Alize Restaurant at the Palms

I ordered off the Winter Tasting Menu which featured seven small courses with a variety of options. I indulged in Spice Crusted Rib-Eye Carpaccio,  Roasted Mushroom Toban-Yaki, King Crab Leg Croustillant, Seared Ahi Tuna, Aged Beef Rib-Eye, and finished with a Chocolate Soufflé, priced at $135 per person. These portions are small and my Marine would have left hungry, however, I was satiated and fully enjoyed the experience of trying the unique flavors. My girlfriends started with Lobster appetizers and ordered a $55 filet. All the food was very good, but the wine was expensive. Be prepared to drop two or three bills or see if they offer a corkage fee to save some money.

Delicious food at Alize, photo from The Palms

Our trip was coming to an end and I hit the poker slot machines for a bit while my friends tried their hands at gambling with other options. A few hours later and we hit Ghostbar, which offered a less crowded, lounge-environment with great beats. Imagine stepping onto a large Plexiglas sheet, where you can look down 55 stories to the street below. It’s a fun place to go and get your groove on, offering a different environment and clientele than Moon.

Ghostbar, photo by The Palms

Sunday morning and we decided to give the 24 seven café one last chance. We were immediately seated and had our drink order taken right away. We were able to order quickly and our food arrived just eleven minutes later and was delicious. Refills were taken care of quickly and we had great service. It was the last meal together for this group of three friends who would have to depart soon, but a quick cheers and vow to do it again, sooner than later this time.

For those of you looking for a Marine Corps Ball location, definitely check them out. They offer a little over 10,000 square feet of ballroom space and I highly encourage this place for families and singles alike. Even better? Stay in uniform and you get into the clubs for free. What I like most about the Palms is that there is a little bit of everything for everyone. The rooms are comfortable, cab rides are reasonable to the strip, and the nightlife is great. I highly recommend you check them out!

Looking to go sooner than later? Check out some of the specials they have for spring break and more!

Disclosure: The Palms Hotel provided us a discounted media rate in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and genuine.  This article was originally published at USMC Life.