One of my dear friends turned me onto the website Crappy Pictures.  I love this site and it offers me a smile or two most often when I need it most. I decided to try my own hand making my some crappy pictures to depict grocery shopping with my two children… girl age 3 and boy age 7.

You know the really long and hard to steer carts at the grocery store with the car on the end? Yes they are dirty, impossible to turn around in an aisle, and no child can ever pass one up without jumping in.

Either way, we are all on our best behavior and heading into the store. Everything is fine — we only need a few things.


Going-shopping-at-the-grocery-store-with-the-kidsWe haven’t even turned the corner to the produce aisle. I’m looking at the Starbucks counter considering if I can spare the few minutes of no cart motion. I don’t dare today – I must keep on moving.

Stop One: The cart quits moving and my son seizes the opportunity to jump in and grab the wheel.


I decide to let them work it out.

Stop Two: Daughter decides she wants in the basket and son decides standing on the cart is what needs to happen next. I ask him to get off the cart. He reluctantly climbs down while onlookers sneer at my mothering skills.


Stop Three: Another opportunity is taken to climb aboard the car for my son!

My daughter decides she is now interested in the car once again and jumps the length of the cart to attack.



Stop Four: Oh no! This stop requires reading of content on the product packaging.

The monsters meet up in the center of the cart for a wrestling contest.

I consider a trip down the wine aisle.



Almost to checkout — finally the kids have found a place where they are not touching and both have a smile on their face.



At checkout they ask if they can have mints or gum because they’ve been so well behaved.

Next time I vow not to take the kids again, but who am I kidding?