I want to introduce you to my archenemies: pooper-scooper, lip gloss, hand soap, and step-stool.

In any given area, my three year old can find something she shouldn’t be into and make a complete disaster in under a minute. My solution has been to place child proof latches on almost every door in the house, but remembering to shut the door is my problem. 

Otherwise, it’s a silence that has lingered just a bit too long where I discover her washing her hands and hair utilizing the entire bottle of soap or eating her toothpaste.

Or it could be that she is applying lip gloss over and over and yet once more again, just to make sure it is just right. It’s not the applying that is so bad, it’s the finger-shoving of trying to get the lid on and wiping off the lipstick or gloss wherever is handy.

Picking up dog poopLastly, she has affinity for picking up dog poop; something I wish that my seven year old had. She is vigilant and whips open the door to our backyard with a moment’s notice and “handles” whatever it takes to get the job done.

Today I am excited that Costco started carrying something new. Perhaps I’ve found the key to unwinding a little bit easier on a Friday night, such as this one. Heard of Skinny Girl Margaritas? I’ve been dying to try them (yes, I’m a closet Real Housewives Fan) but dragging my kids into a liquor store isn’t something I want to do.

Tonight, I get to twist, ice, and pour a glass… pop some popcorn and relax with the family, taking in all of their idiosyncrasies with amusement and enjoyment.   Ahhhh.   How do you relax on a Friday night?