How was your sleep last week? I’m not going to lie, I’m still struggling with it. But I did finish a new book, so that’s a win in my week. This week we’re going to focus on reading. If you’re looking for a new book, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite reads over the last few years.

Reading offers many benefits: you gain a better vocabulary, you can experience a reduction in stress, learn new skills, and boost your brain power. Check out Real Simple’s 8 science-based reading benefits.

Finally, if you’re in the military have kids, you must check out United Through Reading. It’s a FREE program where the service member can create a video of them reading a book for their child(ren) so his/her kiddos stay connected with them throughout deployments. This is one of my favorite programs!

Here’s to digging into a new book this week!

Your Fourth Happiness Challenge:

This week, read 20-30 minutes a day. If you can push yourself with a no-later-than bedtime, make it happen. See if you can get some of the amazing benefits of a full night’s sleep.