Happiness Challenge 27: Let’s talk about reframing issues. Today marks the beginning of our last PCS. The last three days, we’ve been prepping and organizing the house so the movers can come in and pack. I get stressed out with moves. I try and get everything ‘just right’ for a smooth transition.

But as I’m getting upset or filled with worry, I have to stop myself. I need to stop with the stress and reframe the issue. I remind myself that I’m so lucky I have movers! We decided at the last minute to move home this summer. We gave 2.5 weeks notice to the Marine Corps, and they were able to secure movers for us.

I’m choosing to find happiness and joy in this move. I’m grateful I don’t have to pack and load the truck by myself. And in the end, if things get damaged or lost, it’s okay. In the end, it’s just stuff.

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