Military Spouse Life: Groundhog Day In Seasons

September 21, 2011Military Life, Parenting | Child

Does anyone else feel that their lives are “groundhog-day” in seasons?  For me,  fall season’s daily activities include school, homework, various sports, coupled with the various daily chores of laundry, cleaning, and cooking meals. Each season brings about a different set of activities, but alas, they remain the same scheduled chaos within the week. 

I have a Preschooler: Meet my Enemies

September 16, 2011Parenting | Child

I want to introduce you to my archenemies: pooper-scooper, lip gloss, hand soap, and step-stool. In any given area, my three year old can find something she shouldn’t be into and make a complete disaster in under a minute. My solution has been to place child proof latches on almost every door in the house, but … Read More