Remembering My Kid’s Halloween: More Trick than Treat


Halloween has always been a fun time for my husband and myself because we love to dress up and go to parties. I was so excited when I had kids because I could get them to dress up and involve them in the fun. The first five years: Boy doesn’t want to dress up. It […]

How my kids behave when I take them to the grocery store

One of my dear friends turned me onto the website Crappy Pictures.  I love this site and it offers me a smile or two most often when I need it most. I decided to try my own hand making my some crappy pictures to depict grocery shopping with my two children… girl age 3 and […]

Military Spouse Life: Groundhog Day In Seasons


Does anyone else feel that their lives are “groundhog-day” in seasons?  For me,  fall season’s daily activities include school, homework, various sports, coupled with the various daily chores of laundry, cleaning, and cooking meals. Each season brings about a different set of activities, but alas, they remain the same scheduled chaos within the week. 

I have a Preschooler: Meet my Enemies


I want to introduce you to my archenemies: pooper-scooper, lip gloss, hand soap, and step-stool. In any given area, my three year old can find something she shouldn’t be into and make a complete disaster in under a minute. My solution has been to place child proof latches on almost every door in the house, but […]

Having a Preschooler Taught Me to Pick My Battles


I used to look at these cute little girls with wild and crazy hair, wondering why their mothers never combed it more or put cute little barrettes in. This thought crossed my mind today as I was watching my two year old sitting on the potty, trying to get her to go like a big girl. […]