10 fun fall activities for the family

October 2, 2014Holidays, Parenting | Child

1. Fun with apples Check and see if there is a local apple farm in your area. Don’t let the little ones stop you from going; most farms have pre-picked apples that you can purchase and you can still enjoy a scenic walk through the orchards. After you’ve arrived home, plan a fun-filled event with … Read More

7 tips for transitioning your kids back to school

August 6, 2014Parenting | Child

It’s that time of year again – time to get the kids ready for school. Maybe you just PCS’d or you’ve been living at your duty station a while, but kids always start the year with new teachers and a new routine. Here are a few tips to help them in their transition process. Visit … Read More

4 fun and easy summer ideas to keep kids entertained

July 3, 2013Parenting | Child

Ready or not, summer is here. Chances are pretty good that your kids are itching to get involved in something – anything – other than being around their siblings. You may be left wondering where to discover activities to get your kids involved. Let’s face it, there’s a myriad of events ranging in price from … Read More

Marine Corps Celebrates Month of the Military Child

April 18, 2013Parenting | Child

Service members put their lives on the line and face adversity whether forward deployed, supporting or preparing for war. In most veterans’ minds, the real heroes are their children who didn’t choose this life, but follow along and serve quietly on the homefront. April is the Month of the Military Child. It’s a small gesture to … Read More