Twelve monthly resolutions to help military families thrive

January 1, 2014Holidays, Military Life

Ditch the traditional resolutions and lend a hand to the military community instead. New Year’s Resolutions are complicated. I know I’m not alone in making them and not following through. So, this year I decided to do things a little differently. This year, my resolutions aren’t about me, but instead benefit our military community. Hopefully, … Read More

The Constants of Love in Our Military World

April 18, 2013Military Life

Our military world is difficult to navigate for many. I’ve lived more years alone than I’d like and endured through stress, chaos, and loss. Through it all, I relied on the constant love and joy that my dog provided. My black cocker spaniel, Zazu, was the source of so much happiness in all of our … Read More

Military Spouse Life: Groundhog Day In Seasons

September 21, 2011Military Life, Parenting | Child

Does anyone else feel that their lives are “groundhog-day” in seasons?  For me,  fall season’s daily activities include school, homework, various sports, coupled with the various daily chores of laundry, cleaning, and cooking meals. Each season brings about a different set of activities, but alas, they remain the same scheduled chaos within the week.