Facts and Data: Why the Resident Energy Conservation Program is broken

February 2, 2017Military Life

A complicated name, for a complicated program. The Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) was implemented across all branches of the Department of Defense to reduce energy consumption among those living on base. The program creates a baseline of average use and then provides a 10% buffer above and below that baseline — those who go over the … Read More

If you give a military spouse an opportunity….

August 24, 2016Military Life

If you give a military spouse an opportunity, they’re going ask when they can start. When you give them a chance, they’ll probably exceed your expectations. When they’re finished for the day, they’ll give you a big smile. Then they’ll get home and want to look in the mirror to remind them, that this is … Read More

Living in my Veteran’s shadow as a military spouse

November 12, 2015Military Life

Most days, I’m on fire. I love my Marine, love living on base, love this life. I’ve spent years supporting military families by volunteering in my husband’s unit, through chaotic deployments and workups, supporting wounded warrior charities, and helping non-profit organizations in the local community. When the demands of the Corps forced my hand and … Read More

9 unexpected perks of military service

November 3, 2014Military Life, Work Life

1. Dress Blues It’s pretty much a fact. Once service men and women step into their dress blues, they become the hottest, most attractive individuals on our planet. Plus they get to don swords. That’s bad ass. 2. Honor Every servicemember who has served our country has the distinction of serving on behalf of our … Read More

15 ways you know you live on a military base

October 8, 2014Military Life

We who have lived on base after base have many shared experiences. You know you live on a military base when… Your kids are blessed with immediate friends because every other house on your street has kids their age who attend the same school. You don’t have kids, but the neighborhood children still play in your … Read More

Top 20 military phrases used by military families

July 24, 2014Military Life

You just can’t help yourself. After several years of hanging out with service members, you begin taking on certain sayings and catchphrases that are used in the military and integrating them into your own lingo. Ever find yourself using a few of these when talking to friends? “Roger that” – instead of “got it” or … Read More

How To Be A Happy Marine Corps Wife

July 18, 2014Military Life

Marine Corps wife?  This life was scary to me when I first encountered it. Sure it was fun to get dressed up for my first ball, but then came the reality of what being married to a Marine was really about. It’s about Semper Fi–Marines are always faithful to the each other, to the Corps, and … Read More

25 ways you know you’re a military spouse

March 25, 2014Military Life

You have a shotgun wedding because your servicemember just received orders to deploy and wants to set you up in base housing. Your kids begin to call out ‘daddy’ any time they see a man in uniform at the commissary. You always find ear plugs in the dryer after doing your service member’s laundry. You … Read More