10 fun fall activities for the family

October 2, 2014Holidays, Parenting | Child

1. Fun with apples Check and see if there is a local apple farm in your area. Don’t let the little ones stop you from going; most farms have pre-picked apples that you can purchase and you can still enjoy a scenic walk through the orchards. After you’ve arrived home, plan a fun-filled event with … Read More

Do’s and don’ts for successfully celebrating the birth of America

July 2, 2014Holidays

Independence Day is a day to be celebrated with our colors flying proudly. Most of us choose to celebrate our nation’s birthday gathered around friends and family, decked out in red, white, and blue and watching brilliant displays of fireworks dance across the sky. But sometimes the best holiday intentions can lead to disastrous outcomes. … Read More

Getting to the real meaning of Memorial Day

May 22, 2014Holidays

It’s May – Military Appreciation Month – and Memorial Day is upon us. There’s no doubt in my mind that these two events coincide in the same month because of the continued sacrifices made by our service members and the families of our service members. My kids have grown up for months on end with … Read More

Twelve monthly resolutions to help military families thrive

January 1, 2014Holidays, Military Life

Ditch the traditional resolutions and lend a hand to the military community instead. New Year’s Resolutions are complicated. I know I’m not alone in making them and not following through. So, this year I decided to do things a little differently. This year, my resolutions aren’t about me, but instead benefit our military community. Hopefully, … Read More

Honoring grief during the holidays

December 19, 2013Holidays

Especially this time of year, it’s important to help family and friends remember those they’ve lost. Oftentimes, it feels as though we in the military community are more conscious of the delicate nature of life and the reality of death because we regularly face separations and hardships. The highs and lows seem more vivid, and … Read More

How to host a service member for the holidays

November 19, 2013Holidays

Many of us look forward to spending time with family and friends during the holidays. But sometimes it’s just not that easy for our troops to do the same if they’re stationed thousands of miles away, can’t afford the plane ticket home, or are in the middle of training. Thankfully, there are a lot of … Read More

Marine Corps Birthday Ball do’s and don’ts

November 2, 2013Holidays, Work Life

The Marine Corps ball is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and it’s just around the corner. If you’ve never been to a ball or it’s been a while since you’ve attended, here’s a rundown of what to expect. Dress to impress The Ball celebrates the birthday of our Corps, which fittingly … Read More

How to enjoy the holidays by slowing down

October 31, 2013Holidays

I was walking through Target with my 8-year-old son when he turned and looked at me with true confusion in his eyes. He asked me why there was so much Christmas and holiday décor on display when we hadn’t even made it through Halloween yet. I smiled as I walked alongside him and did my … Read More

Military Families: Going Home for the Holidays is Hectic

January 18, 2012Holidays, Travel

I’ve been reflecting on our yearly holiday journey. It’s always an adventure getting ready for the Holiday drive home. If you’re lucky enough to live close to see your family on a regular basis, then count yourself lucky. Sometimes the journey to see our family can be filled with lots of potholes. Twice every year, we load up … Read More