Private homecomings: Preserving the peace with family

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Homecomings are synonymous with our military lifestyle and I was blessed recently to be a part of my friend’s for a few brief moments, to videotape their family reunion. I too felt the excitement as her Marine stepped off the bus and was thrilled that I could repay the favor of capturing those special moments, […]

10 ways to survive your service member’s first deployment


It’s your first deployment and you’re not sure what you’re going to be up against. Maybe you’ve heard about the deployment curse? You know, the one where once your service member leaves, something’s going to break. That one doesn’t always come true, but if and when it does, now you know who to blame. Fortunately, there are […]

Your Digital Deployment Footprint: Preserving and Backing up Emails


In a digital world, keeping track of wartime memories and deployment correspondence is getting more and more difficult. I love saving personal information: be it a letter, note or photo, I’m very nostalgic and find comfort knowing it’s there, even though I may not look at it often. My wartime experience begins after 9/11 with […]

Surviving Deployment Separation: 10 Tips to Help You Thrive


Deployments are always hard, especially your first deployment. The unknown can really eat away at you when your life seems to be in a state of limbo. Most of us know what it’s like to try to continue our education, have a child, move, or get settled in life. Add a deployment on top of […]

Military Member Gone: What it’s Like Sleeping Alone

Is anyone else like me?  My husband is TAD or deployed and the idea of getting the entire bed to myself sounds great at first.  I imagine not getting elbowed in the head or having my covers ripped off me in the middle of the night…