Facts and Data: Why the Resident Energy Conservation Program is broken

February 2, 2017Military Life

A complicated name, for a complicated program. The Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) was implemented across all branches of the Department of Defense to reduce energy consumption among those living on base. The program creates a baseline of average use and then provides a 10% buffer above and below that baseline — those who go over the … Read More

Happiness Challenge Day 1

February 2, 2017The Happiness Challenge

It’s February 1st. Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Have you made actionable change towards succeeding in that endeavor? Like many of you, I look back and reflect on the completion of the year. I think about what I’ve accomplished that I’m proud of, and consider what I would have differently if given the … Read More

If you give a military spouse an opportunity….

August 24, 2016Military Life

If you give a military spouse an opportunity, they’re going ask when they can start. When you give them a chance, they’ll probably exceed your expectations. When they’re finished for the day, they’ll give you a big smile. Then they’ll get home and want to look in the mirror to remind them, that this is … Read More

Happiness Challenge 27: Reframing Issues

July 18, 2016The Happiness Challenge

Happiness Challenge 27: Let’s talk about reframing issues. Today marks the beginning of our last PCS. The last three days, we’ve been prepping and organizing the house so the movers can come in and pack. I get stressed out with moves. I try and get everything ‘just right’ for a smooth transition. But as I’m … Read More

Official Bio/Photos for Press

June 21, 2016News

Kristine’s Official Bio for Press and Publications:  Kristine Schellhaas’s success as an entrepreneur and nationally known advocate for military families is the result of her unwavering passion, fearless commitment, and unique authenticity. Kristine has spent nearly two decades with her Marine and her journey has provided inspiration and opportunity for those who call the military … Read More

15 Years of War: Press Release

May 31, 2016News

15 Years of War: New Book Delves into Longtime War Deployments and Life on the Home Front Tells the Untold Story of Military Families. Kristine Schellhaas, a Marine Corps spouse for nearly two decades, tells her military family’s story of support and sacrifice in her new book, “15 Years of War: How the Longest War … Read More